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Essence of Snow HOODIE - Doke x Shooos

Essence of Snow HOODIE - Doke x Shooos

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The ESSENCE OF SNOW is a comfy hoodie with a design that is a combination of Doke graffiti style and a character of Snow. Doke in Japanese means, GET OUT OF MY WAY, Snow is SHIBA INU Which is a Japanese dog breed with a temper that screams GET OUT OF MY WAY. We just love the combination of these two elements. 
  • Highly limited
  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Fairtrade
  • Climate-neutral
  • Size M fits a 184cm high man

About Doke x Shooos collaboration. Shooos is a Sneakers and Clothing shop that you might know from my Instagram. They support what I do, they got some sick sneakers and most importantly they are great people and so....Together we created this MERCH for you. All the T-shirts and the hoodie are HIGHLY Limited, made of organic cotton in fair working conditions. They are also Climate neutral as we don't want to support fast fashion and climate change.

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