Hello, my name is Martin Hirner, but most of the people call me Doke

This is my brief story. (If you want the extended version, go to my YouTube channel and watch all 650 videos I've made)

I was born in 1995 in Bratislava, Slovakia.  In 2007, as a 12 years-old boy, I started my graffiti career. I used to draw before but this was the beginning of something serious. I needed a name, and somehow I ended up with DOKE.

In 2014, after 7 years of painting graffiti, I needed a new impulse, new motivation to create. I decided to start my own YouTube channel where I could share my creations with the world, not just with my own friends. 

Success on YouTube didn't come easily, but eventually, I started to gain subscribers, and in 2018, I found myself facing a tough decision...

At that time, I was 23 and had just finished university with a master's degree in  Actuarial science (Insurance math). Yes, that's right, I didn't study any artistic subject but math instead. 

The decision was simple: either leave YouTube and Art behind to start a promising career as an actuary, or I leave my formal education behind continue painting and recording videos. I chose ART

Now it's 2024, and I can proudly say that over the past 10 years of making YouTube videos, I greatly improved my artistic skills. I gained more then 1.2 million subscribers and about 140 millions of views. 

Celebration of 1M subscribers:

Currently I do all kinds of projects, but overall my mission is simple.

Make great ART and share it with people.